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Group Medical Exclusions


This Policy does not insure and no benefits shall be payable for or on account of:

  1. Self-inflicted injury while sane or insane: treatment of chronic alcoholism, drug addiction, nervous or mental disorders, psychiatric, psychological related disorders including attention deficit disorders and learning difficulties.
  2. Senility and age related conditions including Alzheimer, osteoporosis and similar conditions.
  3. Injury or illness resulting from insurrection or war, declared or undeclared, or as a result of a riot, strike or civil commotion, committing illegal act, passive war. Terrorism, radioactive contamination, ionizing radiation, radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous properties of nuclear material thereof, and/or polluting hazardous or poisoning chemicals. Earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, floods, lightening and other such natural occurrences.
  4. Home visits, rest cures, sanitarium or custodial care or periods of quarantine or isolation.
  5. Charges for any examinations for employment or travel, fees for medical certificates, hospital registration and similar.
  6. Cosmetic or plastic surgery unless necessitated by an accidental injury occurring while the Insured is covered under this policy. Treatment of falling hair and dandruff, hair transplant, acne, cosmetic treatment for the skin, pigment disorder of hair and skin, corns , warts ,skin tags, PUVA/UVB therapy.
  7. Eye examination, correction of vision or fitting glasses, any form of squint, hearing aids; treatment of speech and voice problems, examinations for check-up purposes, general / special health examinations, screening tests, allergy testing.
  8. Gum and dental related treatment unless for the immediate treatment of accidental injuries to natural teeth through violent external means within six months of the accident.
  9. Transportation other than local licensed ambulance service.
  10. Any expenses relating to incidental costs incurred, including newspapers, taxi fares, telephone call charges and guest meals.
  11. Any medical condition or related condition which the member already had or which was foreseeable or which exhibited symptoms or was a consequence of injury or illness for which medical/surgical advise was provided prior to the commencement date of the policy. By “Foreseeable” it means that the member knew or should reasonably have known that the medical condition existed, irrespective of whether or not a medical practitioner has been consulted. See attached details.
  12. Maternity (pre-natal, anti-natal, postnatal) including abnormal pregnancy, abortion, and delivery unless this benefit option is selected. Ectopic pregnancy.
  13. Injury or illness covered under Workmen’s Compensation or similar laws arising of the Insured’s occupation or treatment to which the Insured is entitled without charge, unless this benefit option is selected.
  14. HIV, AIDS and AIDS related diseases, all types of sexually transmitted diseases, circumcision, treatment of Varicocele and PCOD, tests or treatment related to infertility, sexual dysfunction, birth control including contraception, sterilization etc and their complications.
  15. Vitamins, treatment for weight loss or gain , loss of appetite, obesity, anxiety, anorexia or fatigue, sleep apnea studies /treatment for snoring or for sleep apnea, wireless 48 hours PH monitoring with Bravo capsule for gastric reflux and capsule endoscopies.
  16. Vaccination against communicable diseases, any preventive treatment, immunotherapy. Immunization, immune modulator agent and immunoglobin like interferon and gammaglobin.
  17. Alternative therapies such as homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, ayurvedic, chiropractic, chiropody etc; unless this benefit option is selected.
  18. Elective Surgery.
  19. Tuberculosis.
  20. Treatments and services related to viral hepatitis and associated complications, except for treatment and services related to Hepatitis A.
  21. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), related hormonal testing, perimenopause and menopause
  22. Organ donation services, bone graft, heart transplant, kidney transplant, liver transplant, bone transplant, corneal transplant, hematopoietic stem cell transplant - autologus or allogenic.
  23. Renal Dialysis unless this benefit option is selected.
  24. Congenital diseases, Genetic disorders, birth related defects, developmental delay, developmental disorders, correction of deformities (congenital or acquired). Treatment and correction of deformities and Deviated Nasal Correction / Septoplasty / Submucous resection.
  25. Professional sports injuries or hazardous sports injuries including but not limited to: (A) Any form of Aerial flight (except as paying passenger or crew member traveling in a fully licensed standard type of aircraft and operated by a recognized airline over an established route), ballooning, hand gliding, parachuting or bungee jumping. (B) Competitive winter sports, ice hockey, power boat racing, water ski jumping, skin diving involving the use of breathing apparatus. (C) Hunting on horseback, show jumping, polo or competitive horse racing. (D) Pot holing, rock climbing or mountaineering normally involving the use of ropes or guides. (E) Riding or driving in any kind of race, rally or competition other than on foot. (F) Judo, boxing, karate wrestling and other martial arts of any kind.
  26. Prostheses, corrective devices, equipment and medical appliances including optical aids (such as glasses, frames, lenses – external or implanted) hearing aids, syringes, bandages, breast pumps, nebulizers, air chambers, etc.
  27. Drugs without Doctor’s prescription. Products / substances not considered as medicines, cosmetic related products, products not considered as prescription drugs by Ministry of Health such as but not restricted to mouthwash, toothpaste, lozenges, antiseptic solutions, milk formulas, skin care products and diapers.
  28. Physiotherapy – subject to five visits, only if required by a Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon.
  29. All healthcare services for internationally recognised (W.H.O. defined) and/or local epidemics.
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