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Home Insurance

ABNIC HOME SHIELD INSURANCE is one of the all-inclusive and comprehensive services for Home Protection. ABNIC Home Insurance is the stepping stone that help ensures that you and your family are well protected and taken care of in various situations that may involve your house and the intricate things you own. Our Home Insurance Policy is to help provide clients a sense of relief and the protection they desire in a simple and easy way to secure their house and belongings while they are at home and while they are away. Our Home Insurance is specifically constructed for Homeowners and Tenants who own a Villa or an Apartment to provide an extensive total protection against losses or damages due to Fire, Explosion, Earthquake, Lightning, Storm and Flood, Theft etc., The Home Insurance Policy covers third party liability against accidents that occur inside or outside the house. ABNIC Home Shield Insurance provides coverage for:
  • Content
  • Personal belongings
  • Building
  • Domestic helper
  • Tenants & Occupiers liability
  • Loss of Rent (or) Cost of Alternative accommodation in case of damage due to fire, explosion, smoke etc.,
With ABNIC Home Shield Insurance, you can stay relaxed, that all your belongings and items that matter to you the most is well protected with us. One of our prime features of the Home Insurance service is that we can also help to cover your liabilities towards your domestic helper, which comes as an optional cover for just an additional premium charge of AED 100 only.
If you are a homeowner: If you own a property, then you should have Building Insurance. This covers the structure of the property against damage caused by natural disasters, riot, strike, fire, explosion etc. If you are having the property rented, then this insurance would offer protection against any damages made to the property by the tenant. On the other hand, if you are living in the property yourself, you should also take out Contents and Personal Belongings to protect your valuables.
If you are a Tenant: You should have home contents and personal belongings insurance, as your belongings would not be covered under your landlord’s building insurance policy. Contents cover items inside the house such as furniture and your electronics in case of an event such as fire, explosion, storm & flood, Theft or attempted theft etc. Personal Belongings covers your items when you take them outside of your home in case of loss, damage or theft. Personal belongings can include items such as your phone, laptop, watches, jewelries and handbags. You can also get cover to protect you against accidental damage and liability to the landlord.

Domestic Helper coverage includes:

  • Death or permanent total disablement
  • Medical expenses
  • Repatriation expenses

Main features of ABNIC Home Shield Insurance:

  • 2 different plans, standard & Category options to select from, whichever is suitable
  • Enhanced product benefits
  • Simple claim processes
  • Instant online quotation


Having a house for you and your family to live in is the first basic stepping stone to one’s life. One of the main area where many people fall short is not having the right Home Insurance Policy in place. Because we need to remember that taking a risk in one of your main investments may lead to unfavorable outcomes. With our various schemes in Home Insurance we can assure that your investment will be protected and all this can be done in a fast and efficient process.
The importance of Home Insurance can be attributed to the fact that your home is your personal space which is filled with belongings, memories and expensive items which you have collected over the years that need to be safeguarded against any unforeseen circumstances.
Below are the Top Benefits of using ABNIC HOME SHIELD INSURANCE.


In certain scenarios of emergency situations such as fire, explosion, earthquake, etc., our home insurance policy protects against such losses and damages and ensures to cover all the costs.
Home contents cover – This cover extends to the contents of your home like furniture, household goods and appliances. It is suitable for both home owners, as well as tenants.
Building cover – This covers the physical premises or building structure and is a must-have if you own a home, whether you live in it or rent it out.


Another area that often gets overlooked is not insuring your personal belongings. In wanted scenarios of storm, flood, earthquake, Home Insurance Policy covers the cost occurred by these damages.
Personal belongings cover – This covers your personal belongings and valuables like personal electronic devices (your smartphone or laptop), jewelry, and other gadgets that can be carried outside the house.


It is also beneficial to cover the liabilities you have towards your domestic helper. Being stress free in your house is one of our main goals we aim to achieve. With our Home Insurance Policy, we can cover various medical expenses, repatriation expenses and furthermore.
Domestic helper: If you sponsor your domestic helper in the UAE, make sure to include this in your additional cover under ABNIC Home insurance.
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